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Commission's Activity - Elaborated Documents

Inside the Commissions some Working Groups are formed and each one is managed by a Co-ordinator. The documents elaborated as a result of their activity are presented and discussed in the periodical meetings of the relevant Commission.

After the approval the papers under the status of "EUWA Standard Draft Proposal" with restricted circulation and the marking 'confidential', are sent to the Executive Council that will verify if the proposed standard is in line with the Association's guide-lines and goals.

Later on the document is submitted to the General Assembly: after this final approval, the paper gets the status of "ES = EUWA Standard" and is published for free circulation.

If, at any stage, the paper receives a negative evaluation or does not reach the required quorum, it will be sent back to the relevant Working Group for further reconsideration.

Even if the EUWA Standards always remain without obligation, however they represent technical statements, agreed by the specialists of all the main European wheel manufacturers. 


EUWA is Member of CLEPA (Comité de Liaison de la construction d'Equipements et de Pièces d'Automobiles).

EUWA is Liaison Member of ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) in the Technical Committee No. 22 "Road vehicles" sub-committee No. 19 "Wheels"