General Statement on EUWA STANDARDS

The EUWA STANDARDS are guide-lines developed by qualified engineers belonging to the main European wheel manufacturers, approved by the relevant Commission and accepted at the yearly General Assembly.

These Standards basically derive from a sound knowledge and practical experience: they are therefore recommended as a guidance to the vehicle manufacturers and to the final user interested in such product.

However established to obtain the best and most reliable results, the statements contained in the EUWA Standards only give a general advice: the requirements connected with the specific characteristics of each vehicle or special usage conditions, have to be taken into account.

EUWA has no responsibility with respect to the behaviour or performance of any wheels manufactured in conformity with the EUWA Standards: consequently the application of them does not absolve the manufacturer and/or the user from any product liability or legal obligation required in their own country.

Moreover, EUWA does not accept responsibilities for any infringement of patents which may arise from the manufacturing or the use of the products mentioned in the standards.