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Technical Specifications


 Ref.No.  Issue date  Description
 3.01  Mar 1992  Dimensions for Wheel, Rim and Disc Drawings for Steel Wheels
 3.02  Mar 1992  Dimensions for Wheel, Rim and Disc Drawings for Light Metal Wheels.
 3.03  Mar 1992  Surface Standard of Steel Wheels. Surface Specification of Coated Wheels: Coat  Thickness, Measuring Method and Evaluation.
 3.04  May 2011  Definition of Static Unbalance of Steel and Light Metal Wheels for: Cars, Estate Cars,  Vans and Car Trailers.
 3.05  Apr 1993  Definition of Static Unbalance of Commercial Vehicle Wheels made of Steel or Light  Alloy.
 3.06  Mar 1992  Safety Recommendations in Connection with Wear on Rim Flanges of Vehicle Wheels.
 3.07  Apr 2003  First Harmonic Measurements and Marking for Motor Vehicle Wheels.
 3.08  Apr 1993  Wheel and Rim Markings.
 3.09  Apr 1993  Characteristics for Steel Wheels of Road Vehicles.
 3.10  May 2006  Test Requirements for Caravan and Car Trailer Wheels.
 3.11  May 2006  Test Requirements for Truck Steel Wheels.
 3.12  Oct 2014  Test Requirements for Agricultural Wheels.
 3.13  Apr 1993  Characteristics for Light Metal Wheels of Road Vehicles.
 3.14  Apr 1993  Painting of Aluminium Alloy Wheels: Characteristics, Test Specification
 3.15  Apr 1995  Stud Hole Designation - Truck Wheels
 3.16  Apr 2012  Standardisation of Fixing Holes - Truck Wheels.
 3.17  Apr 1996  Method of Measuring Disc Flatness on Truck Wheels
 3.18  Apr 1996  Test Requirements for Temporary-use Spare Wheels for Cars
 3.19  May 2000  Car, Caravan and Car Trailer Wheel + Nut / Bolt Assembly Test
 3.20  May 2002  Characteristics of Rim Flanges on Steel Wheels to Fix Balancing Weights
 3.21  May 2009  High Speed Wheels for Agricultural Tractors ≥50 kph
 3.22  Apr 2003  Static Stiffness of 15° Drop Centre Truck Steel Wheels
 3.23  June 2017  Biaxial fatigue test for truck wheels
 3.24  May 2011  Test requirements for Light Construction Machine Wheels
 3.25  June 2017  Technical Crack Definition for Wheels
 3.26  May 2011  Min. Dynamic Inner Wheel Contour, Truck Wheels for Disc Brake Application
 3.27  Apr 2012  Radial and Lateral Run-Out For Truck Wheels
 3.28  Oct 2012  Fatigue Test Requirements For Motorcycle Wheels
 3.29 Oct 2017 Check And Calibration Procedures For Fatigue Test Benches Of Wheel