30’th EUWA General Assembly
EUWA Anniversary 1988-2018

July 4, 2018

Our EUWA association was founded in 1988, so this means that this year we are 30 years young!

The original 5 founding members have been expanded to almost 30 members and we can truly state that we represent the whole wheel industry, not only within the EU, but within the entire European continent.

To appreciate this fact we already had a special General Assembly this year on June 1’st 2018.
Beside representatives of our current members, we had some guest speakers and people who played a role in the earlier years of EUWA. At the end of our special 30th anniversary, organised by our Executive Commitee, a Gala Dinner took place which was an adequate ending of a very dignified jubilee day.

We as EUWA are now looking forward to the next years to come, knowing we are having a strong industry behind us with skilled people driving the wheel makers family.