EUWA now having an interim seat at UNECE in Geneva

May 5, 2019

Dear Visitors, Dear EUWA Members,


we are happy to announce that we do have an interim observer seat at UNECE in Geneva.

Background and initial idea:
As the EUWA and many of its members are struggling with handling the massive growing amount of national and international standards, the idea was that the EUWA should have a permanent seat within the relevant UNECE body. This should guarantee a certain kind of possibility to influence the international development of relevant standards in to a direction which is more beneficial for the interest of the entire EUWA membership.

The current possibility to attend the UNECE meetings is just an interim solution, based on a personal invitation from the WP29 GRB chairman, Serge Ficheux. An official full membership with “observer” status has already been submitted

A long-term goal with this kind of membership is it, to turn the “inactive” observer status into an active role in future. This will guarantee the EUWA to actively influence certain developments regarding the acceptance of e.g. ECE 124 R on a real international level to reduce the almost uncontrollable growing number of national standards.

Any more info, please feel free to contact the Competence Center any time.


Jörg Sumpmann, head of EUWA Competence Center, May 2019