TPMS valves become mandatory for more vehicle categories end of 2021

August 17, 2021

Dear Visitors, Dear EUWA Members,


With regards to the latest UNECE WP 29 GRBP meetings at UNECE in Geneva, please find here some important information in accordance with the use of TPMS valves. Until today, TPMS valves are only mandatory for passenger cars with not more than 8 seats, trucks below 3,5 tons and small trailers below 0,75 tons.

This will change by end of 2021 as TPMS valves will become mandatory also for other vehicle categories, such as e.g. light weight trucks with more than 3,5 tons, larger trailers or passenger cars with more than 8 seats. You will find more detailed information in the according presentation from the European Commission, when moving to the resources area “Event Reports”. In addition you will also find a list with the official vehicle definitions at the end of the presentation to better trace the backgrounds of each category.

If relevant for you as wheel manufacturer, the EUWA Competence Center recommends to start according investigations about the workload to cover the mandatory technical requirements within your organisation.

Any more info, please feel free to contact the Competence Center any time.


Jörg Sumpmann, head of EUWA Competence Center, August 2021