EUWA website with multiple possibilities – please figure it out

May 5, 2018

Dear Visitors, dear EUWA Members,
it was a very challenging journey last year to create and design our new EUWA web appearance and our new EUWA Logo.

Since our GA in Sirmione, where we could see the new site only on an interim URL, without our well established Google structure underneath, I am now happy to state that we are back on track with a full working member area. This member access will give us multiple more possibilities to share common information, data and documents regarding our wheel world family, for sure with always respecting fair trade and compliance rules & regulations.

Together with our public area we do now have a lot more prospects to present us as best as possible in the world wide web. As our association represents the majority of the leading European wheel rim manufacturers we do have a much better organ to be internationally recognised, as we are now well connected to established web search engines.

This is an enrichment for the entire EUWA membership, helping to act as one industry, where ever necessary. It will massively improve the perception of our association to be better recognised from other relevant organisations, such as national authorities, motor journalists, other industries or whoever’s having an interest in our products and activities.

Please use this new EUWA tool from now on to grab latest info about our activities, events and what ever is of about your interest. Support us to actively develop this web site to “THE” tool within our organisation.

We are dependant on the feedback of our visitors and members, and would really appreciate your kind feedback and input for improvement. If you want to be informed, you can subscribe for our newsletter as well or drop us an e-mail with your food for thoughts and/ or improvement

Enjoy surfing our new site and thanks in advance for your kind feedback

Jörg Sumpmann – Head of EUWA Competence Center, May 2019