About us

The EUWA is an Association among the European wheel manufacturers producing wheel rims for the automotive and truck industry as well as for many other kinds of vehicles. Our 28 members representing a total turnover of about roughly 6.5 billion € (with wheels as some make also other products as well) generated with ca. 25.000 employees.
Primary objective of our organisation is the protection and promotion of the common interest of its members, on an international level within the framework of free and fair competition.

In particular, the Association will:

Assure an exchange of technical opinions and experiences with regard to technical issues as well as attend to technical and basic problems of the wheel-manufacturing industry.

Take care of periodical contacts with national and international authorities and associations, in order to represent the interest of all members with efficiency and responsibility.

Every European wheel manufacturer is eligible for membership, provided that he accepts the association’s articles and promotes the implementation of its objectives, after the acceptance of the Executive Council.

EUWA is a non-profit organisation: the membership fees, which take into consideration the size of the wheel business of each member, cover the relevant costs.

On 17 January 1989 the companies ALCAR Group (formerly Ambrosetti Ruote), Gianetti route, Accuride Corporation (formerly Kronprinz/ Michelin/ Südrad) and Maxion (formerly Lemmerz) founded the EUWA. The current number of members is 28 and the Association is located in Switzerland with the operative office


Facts and Figures

Impressive numbers

  • 6.5

    Billion $ Turnover

  • 25

    Thousand Employees

  • 70

    Million Wheels

Our Partners

EUWA's proud partners contribute to the evolution of Wheel Manufacturers in Europe.

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