Organisation & Organs

The structure of EUWA consists of the following organs:

The GENERAL ASSEMBLY having authority to elect the Executive Council, approves of the financial budget, ratifies acts and motions submitted by the Executive Council, modifies the association’s articles or regulations. The ordinary General Assembly takes place once a year; each member has one vote.

The EXECUTIVE COUNCIL is entrusted with the Association’s operation. It consists of min. 5 and max. 9 persons elected every two years by the General Assembly, with an adequate representation of each country where wheels are manufactured. The Executive Council elects a President and a vice President among its members. The President represents the Association officially, taking all the necessary actions and initiatives to promote the established objectives.

The TECHNICAL COMMISSION is a permanent organ and consists of specialised, highly qualified members. It has the task to investigate the factors having influence on distribution (commercial aspects excluded), technical developments and research in the field of automotive wheel manufacturing, particularly method of production and development as well as national and international specifications, standards, regulations and legislation.

The LOGISTIC COMMISSION, also consisting of specialised members, attends another category of basic problems of the wheel manufacturing industry. One of its primary tasks is to investigate dimensions and characteristics of suitable means for the packaging and transport of wheels made, according to the new ecological law coming into force, of fully recyclable materials. In addition, this Commission is following with care any development in the field of Electronic Data Interchange as well as in the bar-code identification system.

The COMPETENCE CENTER, is the latest and youngest organ within the EUWA structure. Due to additional legal requirements & product certifications, affecting today’s business in terms of workload, manpower and costs, it was necessary to cover this background with permanent working, skilled engineers. In particular the Competence Center will identify new legal requirements & tracking current ones, interpretate & understand national standards, support EUWA members prior & during application procedures, generate & maintain agreed procedures as guideline for members, helping to reduce cost & efforts due to shared knowledge as benefit for all members and will try to influence the evolution of national and international regulations.