Our industry

Our Industry consists of the majority of the European wheel manufacturers, producing wheel rims for the automotive & truck industry as well as for many other kinds of vehicles, like Agricultural, Off Road or Earth Mover vehicles and Motorcycles.

The wheels our industry is producing having a major influence on almost any vehicle manufacturer based in Europe. Our customers representing the majority of the well-known international vehicle manufacturers (e.g. VW Group/ BMW/ Mercedes/ Ford/ Fiat etc.) using our light aluminum-, steel-, truck- and agricultural vehicle wheel rims for their products.

In addition, a lot of our products are directly offered to the aftermarket, using various customized label brands. So last but not least also automotive chain stores, tire shops and garages offering accessory wheels for private car owners are trusting the products our industry is producing.


The goal of EUWA is to provide the necessary information about EUWA member’s products…

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