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EUWA Workshop on National Standards –
first 2019 meeting already held

May 2, 2019

As new legal requirements, collected in according worldwide national standards, are affecting today’s business, causing a massive additional workload to the crews and and massive increasement on Costs, the EUWA has launched a Workshop in December 2017 to cover this background.

The main task of the workshop is to collect background Information about the range of world-wide standards, such as INMETRO, Indian Homologation, China Compulsory Certificate and many more. One driving idea was, to collect knowledge debris from our members, merging it to a full image with almost any of the relevant details and Information.

Together with a few well established EUWA Senior engineers, the workshop is being chaired by the EUWA Competence Center on a regular basis.

One of the most important items is, to always assure that the Workshop’s following EU competition & compliance rules & regulations. This is also one important aspect, to keep the workshop and the group of attendees under a fair trade and business conditions flag.

The outcome of concentrated and recycled content will then start according action on generating flowcharts, work instructions and procedures to help and support any of our EUWA members to apply for those complex standards, achieve the according approvals on it and being able to keep a certificate with the relevant CoP loops as long as necessary.

After the latest Workshop on 30. April 2019  we do now have an overview matrix available as a useful helping tool available to show what standards and actions are necessary for what country. You will find this document in the CC download area for members.  An additional topic was the recent INMETRO incident which has luckily be turned to a positive direction. Thanks for the good support we had from the workshop engineers in communicating this with the Brasilian authorities and consulting agencies.  Again we had very interesting and up to date topics on our agenda which are currently affecting our wheel industry heavily. Also the latest info of Vietnam homologation and the TISAXS requirements have been discussed.

You will find the entire Workshop content/ report and the current status of our collected knowledge and data also in the “Competence Center Reports” area for download with member access.

Any more Info required, please contact the EUWA Competence Center or raise an E-Mail to